Transportation for BMM 2017 Convention

Welcome to Transportation for BMM 2017!

We are excited to host you along with your family and friends atthe BMM 2017 convention in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This page will answer most of your questions on transportation during convention.

Transportation To and From Grand Rapids

BMM 2017 has made transportation arrangements from Detroit Airport, Novi Area, and Chicago Airport to Grand Rapids with our travel partner Clickontours. For details visit

Car Rental

Company Discount Discount Code
Enterprise 5% Off the Price XZL2002
National 10% Off the Price XZL2002

Getting Around Downtown

Grand Rapids downtown is happening place with lot of activities going on around the city. It is safe to walk around this beautiful downtown. You can also take advantage of city shuttle by DART.


If you prefer to drive on your own, you can use convenient parking lots around downtown area. Please visit our Parking page for more information.

Shuttle between BMM hotels and Convention Center

BMM 2017 is working to arrange shuttle service between BMM negotiated hotels and convention center on designated times. This shuttle is free of charge. Shuttle Map & Schedule is under development.