Nupur Folk Dance Academy presents “Shaktiroopena” at BMM 2017

Shaktiroopena Poster - BMM 2017

Shakti means energy and our culture revolves around “Shakti” – the goddess , the female power that is the source of the energy of this universe. She is the one who gives us wealth as Laxmi, power as Mahakali Durga and knowledge as goddess Saraswati. “Shaktiroopena” is an ode to this female power through dance , song and poems. The program portrays the different facets of a woman and the power she has within her. The narration of this program is through the medium of rich Marathi poems. The audience will witness and feel the woman power and will definitely leave the auditorium with fond memories of this program and a special place for all the women in their hearts.

Key Production Team :

Producer: Nupur Folk Dance Academy

Concept, Directon, Choreography: Nirmal Gosavi

EMCEE: Sukanya Kulkarni Mone

Script: Nachiket Jog

Music: Adwait Patwardhan and Kedar Pandit, Studio Pancham,Pune

Light design: Anand Khare

Lights: Shirish Gosavi, Ajay Patwardhan

Set Design: Ravi and Sharmila Tembhekar

Program Coordinator: Ajay Patwardhan

Costumes: Ruhi’s Creations