Alain-PietteAlain Piette

Technology Team Manager, Michigan Small Business Development Center

As Technology Team Manager of the Michigan SBDC, Alain oversees the delivery of technology commercialization services by the Tech Team. Alain has extensive experience in organizational development, manufacturing, R&D, market development, technology transfer and international expansion to the team.

He most recently served as president of an advanced manufacturing company, which was a technology spinout from a large automotive supplier. His activities included marketing and commercialization and leading the advanced R&D activities. The company focused its efforts in the aerospace, military and transportation industries.

Alain has also worked in Europe, Southern Africa, and Central and South America for international corporations such as DuPont, Sherwin Williams and Kongsberg Automotive. He has been involved with turn-around, startup and M&A activities.

Alain holds a B.S.B.A. and M.B.A. from Wayne State University.